How Old is Tom Cruise?

Born in 1962, Megastar of Hollywood, Tom Cruise, is 57 years old at present. Starting his acting career almost at the age of 19, Tom Cruise had been a huge success in his whole professional career. His mother was a teacher for the special children, and his father was an electrical engineer by profession. It is remarkable for a guy of Tom Cruise’s age to still do such stunts in movies. Tom Cruise, at the age of fifty-seven, is still up and going in the American film industry. His most recent performance in Mission Impossible – Fallout shows his agility and dedication despite his age approaching sixty. Tom Cruise had been with us for the past four decades. At the age of 57, Tom Cruise still not shy away from doing roles that require extreme fitness routine and dangerous stunts.

During the early days, Tom Cruise spent most of his time in Canada as his father was in the Canadian army as a defense advisor. When Tom was around nine years of age, he, along with his family, moved to Ottawa, at a place called Beacon Hill. He attended his first school education at Robert Hopkins Public School in Ottawa. He started taking part in plays when he was in fourth grade, under the supervision of George Steinburg.

In 1971, Tom Cruise’s mother, Mary Lee, parted ways from his father. His mother took him and his sisters back to the United States, after separation. Later, when Tom was 16 years old, his mother married Jack South in 1978. Tom’s biological father died six years later in 1984 because of cancer. Initially, Tom planned to become a priest. He was also a decent rugby ballplayer during his high school days, and he changed almost fifteen schools in only 14 years.

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When Tom Cruise became an adult, he decided to follow a career in acting, and he shifted to New York to follow his dream. Before trying for the television roles in Los Angeles, he also worked as a busboy in New York. At 19 years of age, Tom Cruise started his career with a bit role in Endless Love. He also played an essential supporting role in the movie Taps, later that year. His acting career started to sparkle when he was 21 years old, and he was part of the movie The Outsiders. In the same year, he did movies like Risky Business and All the Right Moves, and this year proved to be a career-maker for him. Risky Business proved to be a breakout film for the emerging Tom Cruise.

At the age of twenty-four, he did his first hit movie called the “Top Gun” in the year 1986. At the age of 34, he produced his first Hollywood movie, “Mission Impossible,” which proved to be a record-breaker at that time, and Tom Cruise is still famously known by that series. Mission Impossible has proved to be the most widely recognized works in the career of Tom Cruise.