Tom Cruise Height

Fifty-seven years old, American actor, Tom cruise widely recognized by his blockbuster movies like “Mission impossible” and “Top Gun”, is said to be 172cm or 5 feet 7 inches tall. Back in the 1980s, he was considered to 5 ft 8 or 5 ft 9. According to him, he was at 147 pounds throughout. For a guy of Tom Cruise’s stature, 5 ft 7 is apparently a short height, yet he maintained his charismatic personality till now at the age of 57. In 1988, an article claimed Tom to be of an incredibly average figure, also referring to his ice-blue eyes and devilish grim.

Generally, in his movies, Tom is shot to look taller than he actually is. While filming with taller actresses like Cameron Diaz, who is 5 ft 9 and Nicole Kidman, who is 5 ft 11, Tom looks taller them because of perspective shooting. This can be achieved by changing angles, using a box or shoe lifts.

Despite the above-stated facts, he is still considered one of the most successful actors in the Hollywood film industry. Because of these things, he also faced a huge controversy when he starred in Jack Reacher, A film based on Lee Child’s book. Tom Cruise faced huge backlash because the original character in Lee’s book was 6 ft 5, Which is far more than Tom’s height. Yet, this movie had been very successful in the box office and also got a sequel.

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Tom Cruise’s costar, Nicole Kidman, once shared a story about him. She stated that during the filming of “Days of Thunder” that she was in flatter shoes in the film. She did that so to look smaller than him. She also appreciated the fellow star on his commitment to work with any actress, whether Small or tall. The film’s producer also had a friendly joke about his height referring to him as “kinda short”.

Richard Harris once joked about Tom Cruise that with his all 6 ft 10 bodyguards, he looks, even smaller, and he seems to be disappeared between them. Talk show host Paul O’Grady quoted that when he first met Tom Cruise, he mistakenly took him as a minute, and he thought that they had sent a different person.

There was a myth that Tom is only 5 ft 2. Her female costar from “Eyes Wide Shut”, once said about it that when she started chatting with Tom Cruise, she asked him about his height, and she was amazed that Tom Cruise’s real height is 5 ft 7 and not 5 ft 2. Billy Connolly, a Scottish comedian, also joked about his height.

There were many speculations regarding Tom Cruise’s height throughout his acting career. Some said that Tom used a shoe lifter, while others had believed that he uses elevated boots. According to some reports, Tom Cruise demanded elevator shoes to look taller than his fellow actor, Brad Pitt. Nichole Kidman, after her divorce with Tom Cruise, joked that now she can wear heels again.