Tom Cruise Laughing Meme

Fifty-seven years old Hollywood star, Tom Cruise had always been in the news for all the right reasons. Tom Cruise had been active in the American film since the early eighties. Tom Cruise’s major services to the American cinema include movies like Top Gun, Risky Business, Mission Impossible series, and many more, with the most recent being the Mission Impossible – Fallout released in the year 2018. Tom Cruise is an essential public figure in the United States.

Apart from the successes, Tom Cruise gathered during his whole career, comprised of almost forty years, and Tom Cruise also had been quite active as meme material for the public on social media and other platforms. The famous laughing photo of Tom Cruise captured in 2006 grabbed the attention of memes and content makers all around the world. This photo is still used as a meme material by people. The original version of the famous photo taken in the year 2006 is shown below:


The above shown famous photographer of Tom Cruise was pictured during a conference at the Yahoo headquarters. Yahoo released a video of Tom Cruise of that conference in 2006, but that one laughing still of the actor grabbed people’s attention and proved to a fun material for them till now. This picture has been photo-shopped quite dramatically since then with most of the remixes, including the laughing face of tom Cruise in the background.

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A Flickr user named Maximum Mitch on the 26th of March in 2006 posted this photo of Tom Cruise laughing during a Yahoo conference, on his social media handle. This sort of wicked laugh of Tom Cruise has gained many views since then from all over the world.

After the photo on Flickr, a YouTube channel named Suburban Hicks uploaded a video featuring Tom Cruise’s laugh from the Yahoo conference and titled the video as “Tom Cruise Maniac Laugh REMIX”. This video was compiled with a remix of another video of Tom Cruise getting interviewed by the Church of Scientology. This video has gathered almost a million views till now. In the same years, another video got published on YouTube, which includes Tom Cruise laughing maniacally with a lot of other people. From then, this meme has become a massive hit and is considered as one of the most famous laughing materials for the people.

This meme is used as a reference when one thinks about doing something evil without caring about the unpleasant results associated with it. Tom Cruise’s laughing meme is used when anyone plans to do anything on his own, which directly or directly related to some unwelcoming result. Still, somehow, he manages to survive without suffering from any of the effects. It refers to the people who always tend to do something wrong but never suffer. This kind of circumstance turns one to be a maniac, which is depicted in the meme by the Laugh of Tom Cruise. MemeGenerator, in 2015, introduced a page called Tom Cruise Laughing macros, which include all the memes on that template. You can also use the model to add your text and make your memes.