Tom Cruise Risky Business

Born on 3rd July 1962, Tom Cruise has been one of the most successful superstars in Hollywood. Tom Cruise had been part of many award-winning movies. As an actor, Tom Cruise won several awards like the Golden Globe awards and had been nominated for the Academy awards many times.

One of the most famous ventures of Tom Cruise includes the movie “Risky Business”. Risky Business was released on 5th August 1983. Risky Business is regarded as the breakout film for Tom Cruise, and He got fame because of this film when he was twenty-one years of age. Directed and written by Paul Brickman, Risky Business was the first movie directed by him.

The lead cast of the movie Risky Business includes Rebecca De Morney along with Tom Cruise.  Costar, Rebecca De Morney, also had been a successful American actress with films like The Slugger’s wife in his career. Risky Business proved to be a breakout movie for Tom Cruise. The main plot of Risky Business revolves around capitalism, materialism, and a person’s transition from being a child to an adult. Risky Business is considered as one of the most exceptional performances of Tom Cruise. According to some reports, it was initially titled as White Boys Off the Lake.

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The movie revolves around a boy named Joel Goodson. Joel was a kid of wealthy parents, and he seems to be a high achieving student in the school. Joel lives with his parents in Chicago. His father wants him to be inducted at Princeton University. Joel’s life starts taking turns when one day, his parents decide to go on a trip. His good friend, Miles, convinces Joel to take advantage of the situation and try to enjoy this period of independence to its fullest.

On the first night, Joel starts to discover the liquor cabin. He also dances on the rock and roll beats, alone in his house. On the next day, Joel decides to call a prostitute to his home, and Miles assists him in the execution of this plan. Miles calls a prostitute named Jackie, which turns out to be a man, and Joel pays him to leave. He got connected to another one named Lana, who is a charming lady, on the same night and tends to enjoy her company.

Lana, along with the expensive stuff in his house, is gone before Joel comes back from the bank. The most on that list being the glass egg of Joel’s mother. Joel finds Lana and tries to get his stuff back; she informs him about the egg. He reunites with Lana and has a party at his home with Lana’s friend Vicki and Joel’s friend, which proves to be an absolute carnage for them. On the same day, Princeton University decides to interview him. After some days when Joel’s parents come back from the trip, everything miraculously seems to be perfectly fine again. This comedy-drama film grossed more than  63 million dollars in the box office.