Tom Cruise Scientology

Scientology can be referred to as a body of religious beliefs. The Scientology concept first got introduced in May 1952. L. Ron Hubbard, who was an American author, laid the basis of this concept, who previously introduced the ideas of Dianetics to the world. The idea of Dianetics was first introduced, which evolved as a religious belief and got the name Scientology. According to the concept of Scientology, the human being is an immortal specie and is exempted from dying. A human being, according to them, is a spiritual being. This means that the soul is residing in the human body and have several lives. The Church of Scientology is the principal managing body for all the Scientology believers.

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Famous movie actor starring in famous movies like “The Days of Thunder”, “Risky Business,” and “Mission Impossible” series, Tom Cruise is one of the most notable believers of Scientology. Tom Cruise is one of the most famous figures in the Church of Scientology. Her first wife, Mimi Rogers, introduced Tom Cruise to Scientology. It was because Mimi Rogers’ father was a good friend of L. Ron Hubbard, and Mimi herself was a believer of Scientology.

Tom Cruise credited Scientology on several occasions for his treatment of Dyslexia. Dyslexia is an identifying and learning disorder, and Tom Cruise, from an early age, had struggled with Dyslexia. Tom Cruise also spoke about how religion helped him overcome several stressful situations in life. His wife, Mimi Rogers, disassociated herself from this religion, but she had not announced it publicly.

Tom Cruise also faced a massive backlash from few communities for having such kind of a belief. Tom Cruise had been criticized on this topic on several platforms. Tom Cruise was so much involved in Scientology that at one stage, he decided to become a monk and devote his life to serving the Church of Scientology. In 2005, while giving an interview to Matt Lauer for the promotion of film “War of the Worlds”, Tom Cruise became aggressive when he was questioned about his involvement in Scientology. Answering to Matt, Tom said that you could not understand such things. Later, Matt referred to this interview as the most awkward in his career.

Tom Cruise’s career uplifted in the year 1990 when he initially got involved in Scientology. He quickly became their devoted follower and had been seen speaking on this topic on various platforms. According to some reports, his divorce with the actress Nicole Kidman had been because of Tom Cruise’s beliefs. Some people quote that Kidman tried to convince Tom Cruise to decrease his involvement for this cause, but Tom was steadfast in his faith. This had been a reason for their separation, according to some.

Tom Cruise’s divorce with Katie Holmes was also under mysterious circumstances. Some reports claim that Katie did not want their daughter Suri to be raised as a Scientologist. After the divorce, Tom had not been seen with her daughter since. Tom Cruise also tried to introduce Scientology in the Hollywood fraternity. He tried to convince notable celebrities like Ron Howard and JJ Abrams.