Tom Cruise Spouse

1962 born famous actor, Tom Cruise, along with his three lawful marriages, also had some long-term dating relationships, which can be considered to be spouse. Tom Cruise has a rich dating history with many costars and other female actresses. Details of Tom Cruise’s spouse are given below:

Rebecca De Morney:

In the 1980s, Tom Cruise started dating Rebecca De Morney. Rebecca is a famous American actress and producer. She was three years older than Tom Cruise. Her successful ventures as an actress were “The Slugger’s Wife”, “Risky Business”, “The Three Musketeers” and “Runaway Train”. Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Morney had been in a relationship during the early eighties but soon broke off their tie.

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Patti Scialfa:

Tom Cruise’s other love interest was Patti Scialfa. Like the previous relationship, Patti Scialfa was also a senior to Tom Cruise by a gap of nine years. Patti Scialfa was a famous songwriter, guitarist, and singer of the United States. She had been a part of the widely known band called E Street Band. Her relationship with Tom Cruise proved to be a short term one. Patti was married to Bruce Springsteen, the lead of E Street Band, after the relationship with Cruise.


Tom Cruise’s third relationship was also with a sixteen years senior named Cher. Cher is a famous American actress and singer. She was also referred to as the “Goddess of Pop” by some. She had been in a relationship with Tom in the mid-1980s, but their relationship had not lasted long. After that, She made a famous singing duo with her husband called Sony and Cher.

Mimi Rogers:

After three failed relationships, He finally got married to Mimi Rogers in 1987. Beyond successful acting and producing career, Mimi Rogers was also a professional poker player. Her famous movie roles were in the movies like “Desperate Hours” and “Gung Ho”. Like previous relationships, Mimi was also seven years senior to Tom Cruise. After three years of marriage, Mimi and Tom got divorced in 1990. Mimi played a vital role in introducing Tom Cruise to Scientology.

Tom Cruise Wife

Nicole Kidman:

After divorce with Mimi Rogers, Tom Cruise married his famous onscreen costar, Nicole Kidman, in the latter part of the year 1990. Nicole had been a significant part of both the Australian and American film industries. She also won several awards in her career. Nicole Kidman had been featured in the list of most influential people twice by Times magazine. Nicole and Tom Cruise adopted two children together named Isabella and Connor. Their marriage broke off in 2001, after eleven years.

Katie Holmes:

Tom Cruise started his relationship with actress Katie Holmes in 2005. Katie Holmes is a famous American director, producer, and actress. Her notable contribution to the cinema includes “Logan Lucky”, “Mad Money”, and “Miss Meadows”. After almost a year and a half of dating, they got married in 2006. Tom and Katie also had a daughter together named Suzi. They got divorced in 2012, and Katie Holmes was given the custody of their daughter.