Tom Cruise Teeth

Famous Hollywood star, Tom Cruise, has been a part of many hit films in the industry. The fact which many people do not know about Tom Cruise is that he was born with unaligned teeth. Many people would be surprised to know that Tom Cruise once had a mono-tooth, as people refer to the term. This means that his face line was not in line with the midpoint of the upper two central teeth. In the early 80, Tom Cruise starred in movies with an unaligned set of teeth. Despite these things, superstar Tom Cruise never seems to shy away to show his smile.

During the initial stages of his career, while filming “The Edge of Tomorrow” his teeth were referred to as discolored and unaligned. In his teen years, he decided to apply veneers to his teeth because of unalignment and discoloring of his teeth. Veneers are thin coverings designed to cover the front surface of teeth, and these are custom made resins. During the early stage of his career, Tom Cruise also tried chipset for his front teeth.

So, our ever-smiling star, Tom Cruise, was not perfect from the start. The main obstacle in his way was his teeth. Because of his unconventional looking tooth, he tried different things like veneers, braces, and chipped teeth. Now, as we see Tom Cruise with a glowing smile is because of the dentistry techniques he has been through. He had been through the tooth bracing method early in his career, that is why a lot of people of this generation are unaware of his not so perfect teeth. When you look at this megastar’s before and after photos, you can notice a significant change in his teeth.

Veneers can be used to emulate the natural look of one’s teeth. These can also be used to enhance teeth or bond over their noticeable side. A veneer can also be applied to cover defects like discoloration, chips, and cracks. As Tom Cruise applied veneers to have attractive and picture-perfect teeth, anyone can also use these to widen, lengthen or shorten a tooth. The veneers Tom cruise applied was porcelain made.

In the year 2002, actor Tom Cruise, during the premiere of the movie, “Monthly Report”, shocked his fan by proudly flaunting his braces. People were amazed to see him make such a move in the late forties, where usually people tend to get used to everything. He did that with the help of invisible orthodontics. He used invisible brackets for this purpose, which also became a trend at that time. After a few months of his treatment, Tom Cruise achieved an even more beautiful grin.

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The Invisalign straightening method used by Tom Cruise is generally preferred by the actors because it uses transparent and removable aligners made of plastic. The Invisalign has an added advantage that you can wear it at any place without embarrassment. To get a picture-perfect smile, Tom Cruise underwent numerous dentistry treatments, and he does seem to shy away from it.