Tom Cruise Tropic Thunder

Fifty-seven years old, Tom Cruise had been a significant figure in the Hollywood cinema for more than thirty years. Tom Cruise had been a part of various record-breaking movies like Days of Thunder, Top Gun, Risky Business, and the Mission Impossible series. Tom Cruise is also one of the most-wealthiest celebrities in the world. His first significant movie released was Endless Love, back in 1981.

Till the year 2008, Tom Cruise had already become a leading celebrity in the Hollywood fraternity with movies like Rain Man, Born on the Fourth of July, Far and away, and many more under his belt. In the year 2008, an action comedy film starring Tom Cruise released called the Tropic Thunder.

Tropic Thunder was directed by Ben Stiller, who himself is an established actor in Hollywood cinema. Ben Stiller also wrote the story of the film and was also included in the lead cast along with Robert Downey jr. and Jack Black, with Tom Cruise, also playing a significant supporting role. Tropic Thunder was filmed in the locations of Hawaiian Island.

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Tom Cruise played the role of a short-tempered executive producer. His character’s name is Les Grossman. Tropic Thunder’s plot revolves around the Vietnam wars. A director working on making a film on the war zone decides to leave the lead cast in the middle of a jungle and tries to film it with the help of a hidden camera. The director unintentionally puts them in the Golden Triangle, which is full of Heroine dealers from all over the world.  The main Heroine producers being the Flaming Dragon Gang. While being in the jungle, they meet different drug dealers and eventually end up in the middle of a real war zone. The movie has covered the war zone full of action in a comic manner to create a satire. Tropic thunder movie is based on the book called the Four Leaf.

Tom Cruise perfectly fits in the famous character of Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder. Les is the kind of guy who is willing to learn anything to get his job done. Tom Cruise put life in a character that was considered to be unlively. Tom Cruise was demanded to have fat fingers for this role. Tom also learned different dance moves for the character of Les Grossman. Tom Cruise had a reputation of playing severe and action roles only, based on his previous ventures like the Mission Impossible series. The character of Les Grossman proved to be a reputation changing for Tom Cruise as he played a lot more fun role and perfectly depicted an ill-mannered executive. This film redefined the versatility of an amazing actor like Tom Cruise.

Tropic Thunder was released on the 13th of August in the year 2008. This film had a total budget of more than 90 million dollars and earned  a total of 196 million USD in the box office. Leading actor Robert Downey jr. was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Award, Academy Award, and BAFTA Award. Superstar Tom Cruise also got nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor for his character of Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder.