Tom Cruise Net Worth

Fifty-seven years old, Tom Cruise had been a successful producer and actor for the American film industry for the past many years. Tom Cruise has acted in many famous Hollywood movies like Top Gun, Oblivion, Days of Thunder, and Mission Impossible till now. He also had won three Golden Globe awards in his career and also been nominated for the Academy awards thrice. Tom Cruise is considered as one of the most successful actors in the history of American cinema. Tom Cruise’s first significant success in the box office was the movie Risky Business in the year 1983. Tom’s career sparkled after that movie, and he continued to give hit after hit in the industry since then.

After the film, Risky Business, Tom Cruise continued to give many blockbuster movies. Three years after the movie, Tom Cruise in 1986 gave another big hit called Top Gun. Along with acting, Tom Cruise also has a successful production career. As a producer, Tom Cruised had made movies like the Mission Impossible series, The Others, The Last Samurai, and Shattered Glass. Tom Cruise has always delivered in the film industry, whether as an actor or a producer.

There are many speculations regarding the Net Worth of Tom Cruise. According to many reasonable reports, Tom Cruise’s total net worth is around 570 million dollars.

His first major Hollywood success, Risky Business, made a total of 63.5 million USD in the box office. Tom Cruise is said to be paid 75000 USD for this movie in the year 1983. Cruise also got a Golden Globe nomination for that movie. After Risky Business, his earning skyrocketed, and he charged around half a million USD for his next film called The Legends.

Tom Cruise’s next big hit was the movie named Top Gun released in the year 1986. Top Gun reportedly grossed around 356 million USD worldwide and proved to be a big hit. According to some reports, Tom Cruise charged 2 million USD for the 1986 movie Top Gun.

Three years after the release of Top Gun, Tom Cruise gave yet another blockbuster movie, Rain Man, in the year 1989. Rain Man grossed almost a total of 355 million USD all over the world. The film also won four Academy Awards. As Tom Cruise’s reputation as an actor was flourishing rapidly, Tom Cruise charged around 3 million for the movie Rain Man and also had shares in the gross profit made by the movie.

A year later, Tom Cruise starred in the movie named Born On the Fourth of July, based on the story of a marine cop. This movie made more than 160 million USD in the box office. This performance by Tom Cruise was memorable because this movie got him his first Oscar nomination.

In the year 1992, Tom Cruise, in another movie, called Far and Away. This movie reportedly managed to make a total of around 137 million USD in the cinema and had underperformed as compared to the previous significant hits given by Tom Cruise. Because of the increasing stardom and his acting skills, Tom Cruise was paid 13 million USD for this movie.

Tom Cruise charged 15 million USD for the movie, The Vampire Chronicles in the year 1994. The Vampire Chronicles made up a total of around 224 million US dollars in the box office and proved to be another blockbuster.

Tom Cruise, after getting success after success in acting, decided to make his production debut in the film industry. Tom Cruise produced the movie Mission Impossible in 1996, with Tom Cruise himself acting in the lead role. Mission Impossible proved to be the most widely recognized movie of Tom Cruise’s career till then and made around a total of 457 million USD all over the world. Tom Cruise himself alone was paid a total of 75 million USD, as he was also involved in the production of the movie.

In the year 2000, Tom Cruise did his joint highest-paid movie till date named as Mission Impossible II. Tom Cruise also had shares as a producer for this movie, and According to some reports, Tom Cruise made up a total of 100 million USD from that movie. Along with Tom Cruise’s payment, Mission Impossible II also broke several records in the box office, and that made up a total of more than 540 million USD. Tom Cruise got paid a sum of 290 million dollars for the Mission Impossible series, and this is counted as one of the most substantial paychecks ever received in the history of Hollywood cinema.

Tom Cruise also was paid a total of 100 million for his 2005 action film called the Wars of the Worlds. This movie, along with Mission Impossible, is counted as one of the most paid movies done by Tom Cruise in his acting career. War of the Worlds was a huge success with its total box office collection exceeding the 600 million USD mark.

Tom Cruise’s other notable contribution to the cinema includes eyes Wide Shut, for which he was paid 20 million USD. Tom Cruise made a total of more than 20 million for his movie Vanilla Sky. For the film, Minority report and The Last Samurai, Tom Cruise charged 25 million dollars along with his share in the profits made by both movies.

As far as his net worth as an actor is concerned, Tom Cruise has earned a total of 745 million dollars from movies, with his professional acting career starting in the year 1983. Tom Cruise also is the only actor to be featured in the list of highest paychecks ever received in the history of Hollywood cinema three times. Some reports quoted that Tom Cruise has made up to a total of 300 million USD from movies only in the last decade.

The most recent acting performance done by Tom Cruise was in the movie, Mission Impossible – Fallout. Mission Impossible – Fallout was the sixth installment of the Mission Impossible series, produced by Tom Cruise himself. This movie managed to make a total of more than 790 million USD in the box office.

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Along with a successful acting career, Tom Cruise also owns a production house, and most of his movies are produced by himself. Tom Cruise, in the year 1993, founded a production company called the Cruise, Wagner Production. This was a production setup that started in collaboration with his female colleague named Paula Wagner. Paula Wagner herself was a casting agent. Initially, Cruise Wagner Production had a deal with Paramount, which dissolved in 2006 after Tom Cruise was involved in controversial remarks. Cruise Wagner Production has produced a total of around 3 billion USD till now from movies, all over the world. Paula Wagner Production has produced many blockbuster movies till now, such as the famous Mission Impossible series, Vanilla Sky, Suspect Zero, War of the Worlds, and many more hits. After Paramount terminated their contract with them, Cruise Wagner company now receives funding from the Washington Redskins and Hedge funds. Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner still have a share of around 30% in the company.

Tom Cruise had been active in the film industry for more than three decades, but along with this, he also makes his earning from real estate. He had been active in the Real Estate for the past seven years. in the year 2013, Tom Cruise made up a total of 3 million dollars by selling a 10th-floor condo that was located in East Village of New York. Two years later, he sold a multi-residence property for more than 11 million dollars, located in the Hollywood Hills. Tom Cruise also sold a Beverly hill Estate for 40 million USD in the year 2016 to a billionaire named Lean Black. Tom Cruise also build a 300 acres mansion when he was married to actress Nicole Kidman. He also spent almost 12 million USD in the year 2018 to get multiple units in Florida. He also spent this much amount to have living near the Church of Scientology.

After his third divorce with the actress, Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise was penalized for giving Katie 33000 USD every month for twelve years from their divorce for financial support. Katie Holmes was given the custody of their daughter, Suri, as she did not want her to be raised as a Scientology follower. Katie Holmes decided not to take that much amount to have full custody of her daughter.

As we have explained above, Tom Cruise’s total net worth at present is around 570 million USD. Tom has earned that much mainly because of his services in the field of Hollywood cinema. Tom Cruise has been active in the American film industry since the year 1983. He also had a successful career as a movie producer from his production house called the Cruise Wagner Production, the one he started in 1993 along with the casting agent Paula Wagner. Tom cruise has been active in the Real Estate business since 2013. Till now, Tom Cruise reportedly features second in the list of richest actors in the world.